At WSS, we believe in building strong long-term business relationships. That is why we only provide highest quality products priced fairly. For quality assurances, we constantly engage globally eminent test laboratories to ensure our products meet the stringent standards pertaining to each of our markets-Australian, British or European. This emphasis we place upon our quality control procedure differentiates WSS from many of our competitors, giving us a well-recognised competitive edge in the market place.

Relevant Test Certificates are available at this web page.

We are flexible enough to offer all types of finish to our products. Ordinarily, what we supply is Hot-Dip Galvanised, but plated fittings are also available. Additionally, we paint either separately or as part of the finishing process to meet  our customer’ s requirements.

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System Scaffold

Metal  Boards
Board Retaining Transom
LVL  Plank Perth
Board Extendable Transom
LVL  Plank WA
KwikStage Loading Bay Gate
LVL  Plank
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